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Gleitschirm Instruktor Muck

Wer ist "Muck"

Start vom Gotchnagrat
Steve Hiestand Pilot und ehemaliger Schüler

Steve Hiestand

"For me, Muck is a passionate paragliding instructor who lives for the cause. A colleague who sees the good and promotes it, thank you!"
Mirko Sicurelli Portrait

Mirko Sicurelli

"Muck, is a flight instructor in Davos, he is a very good flight instructor. He does his job excellently. Everyone who attends the flight school with him passes the exam at the first attempt. He explains the theory like no other and takes his job very seriously."
Maria Kessler Pilotin und ehemalige Schülerin

Maria Kessler

"Muck, is the best flight instructor there is here in Davos"
Sandro Preisig Pilot und ehemaliger Schüler

Sandro Preisig

"For me, Muck is not only the best flight instructor but also a good colleague."
Flory Kern Portrait mit Bike

Flory Kern

"Yes, Muck is my flight instructor. I had a great training with Muck and really learned a lot. He really taught me how to enjoy flying."
Tina Rose mit Hund im Schnee

Tina Rose

"Yes, who is Muck! Muck lives and breathes flying and we are incredibly grateful that we were able to learn from him. Thank you Muck!"
Hielke Elferink Pilotin Portrait in der Luft

Hielke Elferink


" Platzhalter "


"Platzhalter "
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